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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Your Second Cup of Coffee

Enough said...

Legislative Alert!!!

Dear Friends,

Some legislators want to take control of the State Bond Commission by passing Senate Bill 14 (SB14). They are only doing it because I saved $100 million taxpayer dollars by opposing Commissioner Bob Odom’s Syrup Mill in Bunkie last year.

What does this mean to the average citizen, you ask? It means certain legislators will have more power to run up more state debt. That means higher taxes. Governor Blanco has said that SB 14 is a good bill and a good idea. That’s outrageous.

But taxpayers like yourself can fight back.

On this website, you have the power to find your legislator and immediately send an E-MAIL or FAX telling them to vote against Senate Bill 14. You can also call your legislator directly or leave a message for them at 225-342-6945.

I’m proud to serve as your Treasurer, and I’ll never forget that this is the taxpayers’ money…not the politicians’!

John KennedyState Treasurer

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