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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad, Columbia University, And What Makes Me Proud To Be An American

mag·nan·i·mous (adjective) -

1.generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: to be magnanimous toward one's enemies.
2.high-minded; noble: a just and magnanimous ruler.
3.proceeding from or revealing generosity or nobility of mind, character, etc.: a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness.

Press accounts and commentary about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the United Nations and speaking engagement at Columbia University are plentiful. They range from the amusingly disapproving to downright disgusted. His comments were as insane as expected from the ironic, "Our people are the freest people in the world," to the utterly hilarious, "The freest women in the world are women in Iran."

However, it is not his philosophy, intelligence, or sanity, that I would like to expand upon, but to explore the level of civility and freedom extended by what is certainly the greatest country in the history of time. What nation over the course of time would have allowed, or even encouraged, a man who exhibits "all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator" opposed to every ideal it holds dear and even to its existence into its borders, much less to lecture at one of its most prestigious centers of learning? What nation would allow him to freely speak without even the threat of retribution or retaliation? What nation would humble itself to listen to his vitriolic and unfounded rantings?

The United States is not a leader because of it military or economic might. It is a beacon because it wants a better society not only for its own but even for those who smile at the thought of its extinction. Despite whatever our allies or enemies might say or believe, The United States of America has been and continues to be long suffering and just in its relationships and confrontations with the powerful and the weak.

Anger, disgust, and confusion are all legitimate feelings to harbor as we play host to a man who embraces hostility and abhors peace. However, I hope irony is not lost. A tyrant who criticizes the consequences of our open society has just enjoyed some of those freedoms we hold most close. I will not pretend that "understanding" and "compassion" will solve our problems with Iran, North Korea, or Al-Qaeda. We might very well need the sword and not the staff. What I do know is that these moments show ourselves and the world that carrying that sword is not a privilege but a burden. One that we bear with wisdom and patience.

We're Back!

We apologize for the absence. We have either been:

  1. Out of the country
  2. Awaken from a coma
  3. Rescued by Jack Bauer
  4. None of the above
Whatever reason we choose, it is too important to miss the next 30 days. Fear not, we are back just in time to guide you through the dark maze of Louisiana elections. Lock and load.

Your Second Cup

  • High Court To Hear Cleo's Appeal (The Advocate) - The Louisiana Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider state Sen. Cleo Fields’ appeal of a lower court ruling prohibiting him from running for another term in the Legislature.
  • Three Little Dwarves Don't Debate LRA and Stuff (The Advocate) - Three of the four leading candidates running for governor were noncommittal at a forum Monday on their plans for Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s Louisiana Recovery Authority.
  • They Do However Complain That Bobby Won't Play With Them (Times-Pic) - Democrats Walter Boasso and Foster Campbell and John Georges, an independent, also took a few swipes at absentee front-runner Bobby Jindal during a debate hosted by the Press Club of Baton Rouge.
  • Nevermind The Facts: Ahmmadinnejad Takes The Insanity On Tour (WaPost) -

    "For hundreds of years, we've lived in friendship and brotherhood with the people of Iraq," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the National Press Club yesterday.

    That's true -- as long as you don't count the little unpleasantness of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, when a million people died, some by poison gas. And you'd also have to overlook 500 years of fighting during the Ottoman Empire.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Jindal On Top (Times Pic) - A new statewide survey released yesterday points to a Jindal vistory in October. The poll released by Southern Media and Opinion Research, Inc. surveyed 600 likely voters statewide. The ballot test showed Congressman Jindal leading with 63 percent, followed by state Sen. Walter Boasso, D-Arabi, with 14.3 percent, Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell with 4.4 percent, and Republican Metairie businessman John Georges with 1.3 percent.
  • NOLA Councilman Pleads Guilty, Resigns (Times Pic) - New Orleans City Councilman Oliver Thomas pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a vendor looking to do business with the city.
  • Blanco Can Be Called As Witness (The Advocate) - This is not good news for the Queen Bee. Despite Charlie Foti's best efforts, it appears as if Kathleen will have to give testimony about evacuation orders in light of 35 deaths at St. Rita's nursing home in St. Bernard Parish that flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • The 'Boy Genius' is jumping ship (AP) - Karl Rove plans to leave the White House at the end of August. Will he be joining another presidential team in time for next year's primaries? If so, which one?
  • Romney wins 'empty' Iowa straw poll, Thompson withdraws (AP) - Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Sunday that low turnout and the absence of some notable opponents (McCain, Giuliani) shouldn't diminish his win in Iowa's Republican Party Straw Poll. Following a sixth place finish, former Wisconsin Governor, Tommy Thompson, announced Sunday he was withdrawing from the race.
  • Democrats take part in 'gay' debate (AP) - Democrat presidential contenders faced pointed questions on gay marriage and the basis for sexual orientation in a forum sponsored by a gay-rights group and a gay-oriented cable TV channel. All of the Democratic candidates support a federal ban on anti-gay job discrimination, want to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy barring gays from serving openly in the military and support civil unions that would extend marriage-like rights to same-sex couples.
  • New Orleans councilman to enter plea on bribery charges (WWL) - City Council Vice-President Oliver Thomas was expected in federal court Monday to enter a plea on charges that he demanded payments from a parking lot vendor. Sources tell Eyewitness News that Thomas is expected to plead guilty and resign his council seat.
  • Nursing home trial set to begin today (The Advocate) - The trial of Mabel and Salvador Mangano, owners of St. Rita’s nursing home, is expected to start today in St. Francisville with jury selection. The Manganos face 35 counts of negligent homicide and 24 counts of cruelty to the infirm.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maria Landrieu Ama México

Mary Landrieu Votes Against Border Security
Democrat Senator Doesn't Believe Border Security Is Vital To Homeland Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last night, Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu effectively told voters she doesn't think that our nation's border security is vital to our homeland security. Mary Landrieu voted to leave our borders unsecured by voting against an amendment that would have required the Department of Homeland Security to detain foreigners who overstay their visas, among other items.

The amendment, offered during debate on the Homeland Security Appropriations bill, would also have allowed state and local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws, a vital tool in the border security arsenal. (Roll Call Vote #277, HR 2638, 7/25/07)

"Instead of realizing that border security and homeland security are tied together to ensure the safety of our country, Mary Landrieu chose a dangerous position," NRSC Communications Director Rebecca Fisher said. "Louisiana voters should ask Mary Landrieu why she is taking an extreme position when it comes to the safety and security of our country."


National Republican Senatorial Committee

The Air Wars Have Begun

Along with front runner Bobby Jindal, Gubernatorial hopeful John Georges has launched his television campaign. Georges has placed a $2 million dollar buy for statewide placement during the month of August. It has been reported that he has purchased upwards of 1800 points per week in certain markets. This is an extremely heavy buy especially this early in the race. Will the millionaire continue to burn this kind of gas?

For more on the ad blitzes check out John Hill's article.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guiliani Seen As "Most Electable"

In a new ABC News-Washington Post poll, nearly half of the Republicans surveyed believed that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani presented their party's best chance of retaining the White House in 2008.

Giuliani also continues his lead in the nationwide poll as the choice of 37 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, followed by Arizona Sen. John McCain with 16 percent,and actor Fred Thompson with 15 percent, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with 8 percent.

Your Second Cup

  • Odom Gets OK on Expo Proposal (The Advocate) - In yet another attempt to waste taxpayer dollars on a local boondoggle, embattled Ag Commissioner Bob Odom is looking to purchase the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Ascension Parish. A few of our favorite quotes:
It has never turned a profit, nor do the facility’s owners, the Lamar-Dixon Expo Foundation, expect the recreational area to make money, said Lori Brannon of Baton Rouge, a consultant with the foundation.

“Government is in the business of providing services not turning profits,” Hughes said.

“It’s a hell of a deal,” Odom said.
Oh yeah, this is only going to cost the taxpayers of Louisiana a paltry $8 million.
  • Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Pou, Foti Angry, Defiant (Times-Pic) - Closing one of the most sensational chapters in post-Katrina New Orleans, Dr. Anna Pou said Tuesday that she fell to her knees and thanked God when she learned that a grand jury had refused to charge her with murdering patients in dark, fetid Memorial Medical Center in the nightmarish days after the hurricane struck on Aug. 29, 2005.
  • Veto Session? Don't Count On It (Times-Pic) - Senate President Donald Hines, D-Bunkie, and House Speaker Joe Salter, D-Florien, said Tuesday they will be asking colleagues to vote against holding a legislative session to consider overriding Gov. Kathleen Blanco's veto of 14 bills and 10 items in the state's $30 billion operating budget. Both legislative leaders pointed out that many lawmakers will be out of town attending the annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures, to be held this year in Boston Aug. 5-9, roughly the same week as the veto session.
  • Choest Buys 25% Stake in NBA's Hornets (Business Week) - "I need somebody that has roots here, that has a business here, that has connections here, that's going to fight for it the same way I do, that's going to help me sell tickets," Shinn said of his new minority partner. "He's got a skin in the game now. He's going to do it. That's what we need to make this thing work. It's not just money." The deal is worth approximately $62 million.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jindal Launches Television Campaign

Bobby Jindal's first television ad will begin its run tomorrow, July 25th. The commercial will air statewide in all markets.

War On Corruption

Bobby Jindal: “We’ve got a government that’s out of control. We’ve got a government that spends our money without any regard. We’re in the top five in having the most crooked politicians in America.

“We’re gonna change that.

“We can’t tolerate corruption. We can’t tolerate incompetence. The people that benefit from corruption, they’re going to fight change every step of the way.

“We can do better; we must do better; we will do better.”

Announcer: “Bobby Jindal.”

Cohen On Thompson: "He Just Plays A Straight Shooter"

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has published an interesting read on the Presidential candidacies of Fred Thompson and John Edwards. He criticizes both for their willingness to, at best, sidestep the truth or, at worst, outright lie. He takes Thompson to task for lying (through a spokesperson) about his employment as a lobbyist for a family-planning organization and Edwards for his selective memory concerning his high dollar haircuts.

Edwards and Thompson have something in common: They both are all image. Neither has accomplished very much in public life. They are both ex-senators whose names are attached to no famous pieces of legislation. They have built no constituencies on the basis of their legislative records, and so they apparently feel they cannot afford to admit an inconsistency -- pro-choice lobbying by a proclaimed pro-lifer, or Euro-trashy indulgence by the proclaimed avatar of the poor.
The idea of Fred Dalton Thompson is far from the reality that seems to exist. As the launch of a Thompson candidacy seems imminent, the scrutiny will only increase. Will the record and character of this actor stand the spotlight, or is Thompson just not ready for prime-time?

Strain, Foti Lead Cash Race For Other Statewides

  • Commissioner of Agriculture:
Michael Strain - 2Q Raised $220, 625; CoH $788,286
Wayne "Spider" Carter - 2Q Raised $25,475; CoH $682,526
Bob Odom - 2Q Raised $ 308,975; CoH $ 589,934
  • Attorney General
Charles Foti - 2Q Raised $76,025; CoH $1,163,397
Royal Alexander - 2Q Raised $328,505; CoH $389,638
  • Lt. Governor
Mitch Landrieu - 2Q Raised $98,595; CoH $417,068
  • Secretary of State
Jay Dardenne - 2Q Raised $155,650; CoH $334,504
  • Commissioner of Insurance
Jim Donelon - 2Q Raised $116,300; CoH $328,441
  • State Treasurer
John Kennedy - 2Q Raised $227,800; CoH $2,001,397

Your Second Cup

  • Jindal Holds Lead In Donor Dollars (Times-Pic) - For the second consecutive reporting period, Republican Bobby Jindal has proved himself the most prodigious money magnet among Louisiana's gubernatorial candidates.
  • Jay Dardenne's Son Is A Slacker (WAFB) -
    Secretary of State Dardenne says, "He's an aspiring comedian, so he's living in Hollywood and doing standup comedy. So, it didn't surprise me that he was going to come up with something off the wall. I hope he gets the job."
  • From the "If A Tree Falls In The Woods" Department (The Advocate) - Former Gov. Buddy Roemer endorsed John McCain for president Monday, saying the Republican U.S. senator is the candidate with the best leadership skills to oppose terrorism.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Journalism 101: Checking Your Sources

LANewslink.com and Louisiana Political News Service Exposed

Controversy has surrounded two websites posing as legitimate online news sources for Louisiana politics. Smalltime political hack and state government subsidy, Pat Bergeron, has been operating both "independent, non-partisan" websites while on the payroll for several candidates. Operation Red November has uncovered numerous occasions where Bergeron has taken campaign cash in order to present one-sided propaganda, promote unfounded rumors, or falsely attack politicians opposed to his benefactors. Since the inception of these websites, Bergeron has received cash from Mike Francis for Secretary of State ($60,000), Peggy Wilson for New Orleans Mayor ($20,000), and Wayne "Spider" Carter for Commissioner of Agriculture ($8,000 and counting...). What do they get for their cash? Bergeron has used his websites to stretch and distort the news in their favor (and secure a 3rd place finish for Francis and 8th place for Wilson).

This is not the first time Bergeron has been involved in alleged unethical or possibly illegal behavior. As a ward of the state during the Suzanne Haik Terrell administration, Bergeron was in charge of the overtime scandal in which her staff rang up more than 2,270 hours in overtime with 1,000 of those hours coming in the final 120 days of her tenure. As Terrell's Chief of Staff, he was directly responsible for a payroll that doled out an extra $87,000 in tax payer dollars during those final four months with almost $14,000 going into his own pocket. The Secretary of State Fox McKeithen said at the time, "The majority of [overtime pay] developed when they knew they were leaving," he said. "The appearance is horrible."

What's our axe to grind? OrN has recently discovered that various members of the news media have begun to, in our opinion, irresponsibly rely on these and like sites for story ideas, background, or information. Whether stemming from curiosity or sloth, the disturbing trend of relying on paid political hacks as "independent" sources for unbiased news must be exposed.

In the interest of full disclosure, OrN has an agenda - to investigate, expose, and eliminate pundits, posers, and political scumbags. We are neither bought, nor paid.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Flip-Flop Landrieu Strikes Again

Mary Landrieu Flip-Flops on Social Security for Illegal Aliens

Liberal Senator Tries to Cover Up Previous Vote with Election on the Horizon

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu is playing election year politics already. The latest? A flip-flop on banning Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants for work done while in the country illegally. Which vote should voters believe?

"Mary Landrieu tried to cover up her true position on this issue with her vote last night," NRSC Communications Director Rebecca Fisher said. "Voters must ask Landrieu why she supports giving Social Security benefits for work done while in the country illegally and why she felt it necessary to change her vote now. Is it a coincidence that it's an election year?"

Last night, Landrieu cast a vote that is in direct contrast to a vote she cast on the same issue last year:Landrieu voted FOR an amendment that would deny illegal immigrants the ability to claim Social Security benefits for work they completed while in the United States illegally. (CQ Senate Vote 263; HR 2669; 7/19/07)

But last year, she wouldn't even allow debate on outlawing social security benefits for work done while in this country illegally:Landrieu voted AGAINST bringing the SAME amendment to the floor for consideration. (CQ Senate Vote 130; S 2611; 5/18/06)

Does winning re-election come before doing what's right for our country for Mary Landrieu?


National Republican Senatorial Committee

Poser of the Week, Part Deux

While normally we would name only one Poser of the Week, it just so happens that Brendan McCarthy of the Times-Picayune had a sidekick while writing his excuse for an article in last Friday’s paper. So, just as Batman had Robin and Tom Cruise had Rain Man, we present Kate Moran of the Times-Picayune as our other Poser of the Week. Kate also deserves a share of the title because she, along with most of her peers in the industry, poses as an unbiased journalist.

Kate hails from Short Hills, NJ. For those of you not familiar with Short Hills, it’s a swanky New York City suburb with a cool $200,000 a year average household income. Be that as it may, this trust-fund baby, like a typical journalist, would like you to believe she doesn’t have any political viewpoints and writes as a straight-shooter. To prove that, Kate has proclaimed to the world that she is a friend of Hillary Clinton and that she doesn’t believe in God. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with loving Hillary more than God, other than the fact that she’s probably going to Hell, it’s hardly surprising she would co-author an attack piece on a Republican Senator who has a strong faith, taking the word of two hookers with contradicting stories over U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and defense attorney Vinnie Mosca, both of whom have said David Vitter never visited the Canal Street Brothel. Two pieces of advice, Kate:

1. When the prosecution and the defense in a case agree on something, it’s probably true.
2. Don’t put your political views out on the internet if you want people to believe you have no agenda.

So Kate, why don’t you take I-95 back up to Jersey and if you really care about this state, quit your job and have daddy write a check to charity. Don’t forget ya toll-tag for da Turnpike.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jindal Remains In Control

Citing an internal poll released from his campaign, State Sen. Walter Boasso said "people know that there’s going to be a governor’s race." So, you spent $1.3 million in television ads to let people know that there will be an election this fall? Boasso boasted that his message was beginning to resonate with voters and pointed to his rise from 6 points in May to 21 points in July. At a little under $100,000 per point, another $3 million should be able to buy this thing, right?

The only question released was, "If the October election for governor were held today and the candidates were — Walter Boasso, a Democrat, Foster Campbell, a Democrat, Bobby Jindal, a Republican, and John Georges, a Republican, for whom would you vote?"

Boasso 21%
Campbell 6%
Jindal 52%
Georges 1%
Undecided 21%

Although we do trust the end result (Anzalone-Liszt is a reputable Dem operation), the question above is actually the least important in what was probably a 30-question survey. At this stage, it is more important to know things like name saturation, image (positive vs. negative), and voter intensity (lean, likely, definite).

Our educated guess is that Boasso's newfound support puts his name recognition at no more than 60% statewide with a very low intensity. Because he has chosen to end his early media buy, the support shown in this survey will soon evaporate. He has shown that he is willing to pour whatever it takes into a solid second place finish.

Jindal, on the other hand, is a known commodity. With a statewide name recognition that hovers in the 95% range and a intense base (41% definite Jindal when polled against Breaux this spring), Bobby is positioned well to win outright in October. Although two other self-financed candidates have promised to break the bank, Jindal has matched them with a 2Q total that "has reached their goals" and is rumored to be in the $10 million range. A war chest of that size will launch a campaign the likes Louisiana has never seen (Vitter only raised $7.8 million in 2004).

The race begins after Labor Day, however for all intents and purposes, this one is already over. OrN makes the bold July prediction - Professor Plum in the Kitchen with the Rope, make that Jindal in the Primary with 54%.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poser of the Week: Brendan McCarthy, Times-Picayune

McCarthy’s gossip column in Friday’s Times-Picayune attempting to connect Senator Vitter with Wendy “If That Even Is My Real Name” Cortez was praised by the journalism community.

“Brendan makes fiction come alive as if it were reality,” commented David Perel, editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer.

“The Times-Picayune is fortunate to have Brendan on staff. I strive to incorporate his style into my writing more and more each day,” said Jayson Blair, formerly of the New York Times.
Of course, like most of McCarthy’s writings, a few of the above quotes are a tad on the ridiculous side. Even more ridiculous is the Times-Picayune’s decision to print a convicted criminal’s allegations as front-page fact on a Wednesday and then on Friday bury her contradictory statement in one line at the end of another piece. What was so conveniently buried in McCarthy’s gossip rag?

“Meier, the madam, said the photo was not the woman she knew as Wendy Cortez.”

Do what?! So, this is the woman that Meier is certain was involved in a relationship with Vitter but can’t pick her from a known photograph much less a line-up? Cortez’s “boyfriend” also confesses that he, in fact, saw pictures of Cortez with a “dark-haired, city slicker” which must have been Vitter, right? What proof does he hold? Oh, that's right, the pictures were burned. Questionable sources. Questionable reporting. Questionable editing. I wipe better journalism on my toilet paper every morning.

Brendan, we suggest spending a little less time in the bottle at the bowling alley and a little more time interviewing people with one last name. In time, you might churn out something newsworthy.

Landrieu: Iraq War Policy "Misguided"

From Poltico.com,

Landrieu introduces amendment to find Osama

Sen. Mary L. Landrieu (D-La.) introduced an amendment to the defense authorization bill today to the "foremost objective of the U.S. government...is to capture or kill Osama bin Laden" and to dismantle the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

The amendment would move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to hunt for Bin Laden, authorize $3.6 billion for counter-terrorism programs in the region and re-activate a CIA unit dedicated solely to hunting down Bin Laden.

The move comes on the same day a new National Intelligence Estimate said that Al Qaeda is intensifying its efforts to place operatives inside the United States.

Landrieu said "misguided" Iraq war policy has distracted the military from catching Bin Laden, who should be the top priority.

"It has been 2,136 days since [Sept. 11] and Osama bin Laden is still at large," Landrieu said.

"A fish rots from the head, and we have been spending the last five years or more chasing the tail," she said of the fight against Al Qaeda.

Pollster: "Wendy Vitter Hit A Home Run"

From Fox Radio News 99.5:

Reviewing the performances of Senator David Vitter and his wife, Wendy, as they emerged from seclusion one week after Vitter acknowledged that his phone number appeared on the billing records of a Washington D.C. escort service, Pinsonat says Mrs. Vitter "hit a home run" for her husband and that she was "a great help to him."

Your Second Cup

  • Bobby Jindal "Officially" Launches His Campaign For Governor (Times-Pic) - Surrounded by more than 100 cheering supporters at the first leg of a seven-city publicity tour, Jindal criticized the Legislature for failing to pass several ethics-related bills during its recently concluded two-month session.
  • Katrina Doc Sues State (The Advocate) - Dr. Anna Pou filed the lawsuit Monday in state District Court in Baton Rouge in an attempt to get a judge to force the state to pay for her legal representation against medical malpractice claims. Pou says the decision to not provide her with legal representation in the civil cases was made by the office of state Attorney General Charles Foti. That decision, Pou’s lawsuit says, has been compromised by Foti’s “vested interest in the indictment of Dr. Pou to salvage his credibility as a public official, especially in view of the Louisiana Attorney General election to be held in the next three months.”
  • Another Nail In The Coffin (The Hill) - McCain’s national press staff, consisting primarily of Brian Jones, Matt David and Danny Diaz, are all leaving the campaign today. And one aide said that McCain’s Iowa press person, Tim Miller, will also resign.

Statements From David and Wendy Vitter

Thank you so much again for all of your wonderful encouragement and prayers. Those have meant so much to our family. Attached are our public comments from today. We both wanted to make sure you saw them in full. --David and Wendy

Statement by Wendy Vitter

To those of you who know me, are you surprised that I have something to say? You know, in most any other marriage, this would have been a private matter between a husband and a wife - very private. Obviously, it is not here.

Like all marriages, ours is not perfect. None of us are. But we choose to work together as a family. When David and I dealt with this privately years ago, I forgave David. I made the decision to love him and to recommit to our marriage. To forgive is not always the easy choice, but it was and is the right choice for me. David is my best friend.

Last week, some people very sympathetically said to me, "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now." I stand before you to tell you very proudly, I am proud to be Wendy Vitter.
That's not to say that last week wasn't incredibly trying and very sad, not for our marriage - our marriage is stronger every day - but for our children.

And now I'm going to speak to you as a mother and I hope you will understand. It's been terribly hard to have the media parked on our front lawn and following us every day. And yesterday, the media was camped at our church -- at our home, and at our church every day.

As David returns to work in Washington, we're going to return to our life here. I would ask you very respectfully to let us continue our summer and our lives as we had planned.

Thank you very much, Wendy

Statement by Senator David Vitter

Good afternoon.

Last week, Wendy and I thought it was very important to have some time alone with our children, so that's what we did for a few days. We want to thank the countless friends and fellow citizens who have offered their encouragement and prayers. Those have meant the world to us.

I want to, again, offer my deep, sincere apologies to all those I have let down and disappointed with these actions from my past. I am completely responsible. And I am so very, very sorry. No matter how long ago it was, I know this has hurt the relationship of trust I've enjoyed with so many of you, and that I have a lot of work to do to rebuild that. I will work every day to rebuild that trust.

Wendy and I dealt with this personally several years ago. I confronted it in confession and marriage counseling. I believe I received forgiveness from God. I know I did from Wendy, and we put it behind us.

Since then, I've gotten up every morning, committed to trying to live up to the important values we believe in. If continuing to believe in and acknowledge those values causes some to attack me because of my past failings, well, so be it.

Unfortunately, my admission has encouraged some long-time political enemies and those hoping to profit from the situation to spread falsehoods too, like those New Orleans stories in recent reporting. Those stories are not true.

Now, having said all of this, I'm not going to answer endless questions about it all over again and again and again and again. That might sell newspapers, but it wouldn't serve my family or my constituents well at all because we all have a lot of important work to do for Louisiana.

For my part, I'll be helping finalize a crucial water resources bill to provide much better hurricane and flood protection. I'll be following up on our important defeat of a bad immigration bill by working for good border and workplace security. I'll be fighting the complete I-49 and LA-28 and LA-1 and much more.

From here, I'll go directly to the airport and to Washington for votes, because I'm eager to continue my work in the U.S. Senate to help move Louisiana forward.

Thank you, David

Monday, July 16, 2007

John Edwards Feels Your Pain

In spite of a 28,000 square foot mansion, a penchant for $400 haircuts, and over $29.5 million reported in personal assets to the Federal Elections Commission, John Edwards began his "poverty tour" Sunday in New Orleans.

Edwards' tour this week is meant to echo the historic 1968 poverty tour made by then-presidential hopeful and senator Robert Kennedy. Today, Edwards begins his morning with the ABC-TV program "Good Morning America," broadcast live from the Cabildo, and will visit Kingsley House and Cafe Reconcile before he leaves for Canton, Miss. During the New Orleans leg of his tour, Edwards will focus on the sluggish pace of recovery, the need for good jobs and solid infrastructure, and ways to keep the city safe, both from hurricanes and crime.

The personal injury lawyer continues to lag behind Democrat front runners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Edwards trailing Clinton by 45 percentage points and Obama by 10 percentage points among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents with household incomes below $20,000.

FEC Reports For Congressional Delegation

  • CD1 - Jindal (R) - Raised $4,259, COH $18, 764. Of course, this doesn't reflect the probable $600k he will report for the Governor's race.
  • CD2 - Jefferson (D) - Did not report. No surprise here. It's harder to count the bills when they're cold.

  • CD3 - Melancon (D) - Raised $273, 789, COH $516,652. No announced oppostion, yet Charlie Boy continues to raise like he's looking forward to a fight.

  • CD4 - McCrery (R) - Raised $424, 354, COH $947, 488. For those that are worried about a McCrery retirement, Jim's fund raising totals tell another story.

  • CD 5 - Alexander (R) - Raised $155, 385, COH $106, 580. "Hot Rod" continues to under perform for Louisiana's only member of the powerful appropriations committee.

  • CD6 - Baker (R) - Raised $156, 825, COH $133, 479. If history holds, Baker could be facing one of his epic challenges next fall (Holloway, McKeithen). If so, he'll need a whole lot more cash.

  • CD7 - Boustany (R) - Raised $246, 233, COH $312, 136. The 2nd termer continues to prove that he is a solid performer and a rising star in Louisiana and Washington, DC.
Source: www.fec.gov

Your Second Cup

  • Former Rep. Bob Livingston Urges Vitter to Stay Strong (Fox News) - Robert Livingston, the former Louisiana congressman who resigned in the late 1990s after admitting to extramarital affairs, said his situation is not at all like U.S. Sen. David Vitter's, and he urged Vitter not to resign.
  • Kristol Picks Bush Presidency To Be A Winner (WaPost) - I suppose I'll merely expose myself to harmless ridicule if I make the following assertion: George W. Bush's presidency will probably be a successful one.
  • Dems Trounce GOP In Campaign Cash (USN&WR) - The presidential campaign finance filings for the 2nd quarter are in, and one thing is abundantly clear: the Democrats are, as a whole, vastly outraising their GOP counterparts.
  • FEC Reports - Due yesterday, midnight.

Friday, July 13, 2007

John Hill: An Exercise in Irresponsible Journalism

Case Study 1: Over the 'Hill'

It seems that John Hill's career as a reporter has ended and now he is trying his hand at screenplays. He has a flare for the flamboyant, and a preference for fiction over facts. In an article he wrote to smear US Senator David Vitter and create the appearance of GOP division, John "Capote" Hill chose a wild cast of characters to source.

When Hill wrote, "Some top Republicans are discussing whether to ask U.S. Sen. David Vitter to resign and packaging a deal with Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco to appoint a place-holding Republican to take his place," he cited former Governor Dave Treen, Vincent Bruno, Christopher Tidmore, and Mike Bayham as "top Republicans". You have to forgive Mr. Hill if his GOP rolodex is a little thin, he does spend most of his time in Kathleen's lap...

Let's look at these characters:
Dave Treen - Former Governor, but left elected office for the last time in 1983...24 years ago! He was defeated by Vitter for Congress in a bitter contest in 1999 and left with thousands in debt. His brother is a whole other story...

Vincent Bruno - Served time in the federal pen for a scheme to bribe a judge. Mr. Bruno admitted to payroll fraud as an employee of the Orleans Levee Board and he was fired from the NOPD for violating office policy. Seriously, how bad do you have to be to be fired from the NOPD?

Christopher Tidmore - Quasi-journalist that first broke a rumor that is still yet unfounded. Between his "newspaper" and "radio" program, his audience amounts to seven (he, his mother, and the voices inside his head). The only thing more irresponsible than his reporting is his wardrobe.

Mike Bayham - Where do you start with Mr. Bayham? At nearly 40 years old, Mikey still hasn't outgrown the College Republicans. Mike's idea of a hot Saturday night is dreaming up party resolutions over a nice cup of Treen Kool Aid.

GOP Solidly Behind Vitter

Support for US Senator David Vitter continues to pour in from Republican elected officials, party activists, and citizens from throughout Louisiana. Early media reports to the contrary have proven reckless and unfounded.

"Any talk of David Vitter resigning or me being appointed to his Senate seat is ridiculous. It's just not going to happen." - Former Governor Dave Treen

"My prayers are with David and his family during this tough time. He is an effective Senator for Louisiana, and I look forward to continuing to work with him." - Congressman Jim McCrery

"David is doing the right thing taking some time to be with his family. I look forward to his returning to work soon and know he'll continue to dedicate himself to working tirelessly on behalf of the people of Louisiana."
- Congressman Rodney Alexander

"My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. Your great work for our state should not get lost in the current frenzy. You have been and will continue to be a great advocate for the State of Louisiana in the US Senate." - Secretary of State Jay Dardenne

“I am honored to call David Vitter a friend and supporter. I am proud of his service to this state and his strong record of reform. True Christians should be forgiving. I look forward to the day when David can get back to work and the day when the healing is complete.” -State Representative Mike Strain

"Senator Vitter has been a strong leader for our state. I continue to support the work he's doing on important issues like the recovery of our region and immigration reform. My prayers are with David and his family."
- State Representative Steve Scalise

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Nobody Is Dumping Vitter (Gannett) - John Hill has dropped his best Vitter-bash effort this morning. Seriously , your best sources are two bitter, washed up old men (the Treens) and a never-has-been quasi-journalist (Tidmore)? I always expect less from John Hill.
  • Attorney For NOLA Madam Denies Vitter Involvement (The Advocate) - “David Vitter’s name was never picked up on a government wiretap nor is it listed in any transcript or court document as part of the Canal Street brothel case,” Mosca said Wednesday.
  • Legal Trouble Unlikely For Vitter (Times-Pic) - Sen. David Vitter, R-La., isn't likely to face any criminal liability over allegations by the operator of a former Canal Street brothel that he was a customer, or his own apology for his connection to an alleged Washington, D.C., prostitution ring.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCaindenburg Plunges Toward Fiery Death

In what seems to be another nail, in an endless series of nails, in the coffin of Sen. John McCain's Presidential aspirations, his campaign manager and chief strategist have resigned.

In statements, Terry Nelson, a veteran of President Bush's successful 2004 re-election effort, said he resigned as campaign manager effective immediately and John Weaver said he stepped down from his post of chief strategist on Tuesday.
This follows yesterday's news that Texas renegade, Ron Paul, had more cash-on-hand than McCain. "Streamline" all you can, John. The Fat Lady will soon sing.

Where's Roy Fletcher when you need him?

Monday, July 9, 2007


If you ask 100 people if our current health care system is broken, 100 people will say "yes." We here at OrN are not looking to defend the status quo, however, it's no surprise that Michael Moore's film, Sicko, does nothing to advance the serious debate. America's king of half-truths and outright lies focuses his newest "mockumentary" on the shortfalls of the American health care system and proposes his novel solution...universal health care (big surprise). Moore continues to rely on emotion over fact and values sensationalism over honest, open dialog.

From the New York Times article, What's Lacking In 'Sicko',

WHEN it comes to economic decisions, there are always trade-offs. Gain one thing and you lose something else. This is particularly true in health care, a market in which a scarce good is ridiculously expensive, but needed by everybody.

The central argument of Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” — that the cure to the nation’s health care problems is a single-payer system — is hardly novel and is certainly worth consideration, whether or not you agree with it. But in comparing the American system with single-payer plans of other countries —Britain, France, Canada and Cuba — Mr. Moore left out the trade-offs, characterizing those countries as health care paradises.

The elisions have been noticed — and criticism is coming not just from Mr. Moore’s most bellicose and dogmatic detractors.

Kurt Loder, the film critic who is best known as the anchor of “MTV News,” wrote a scathing critique of the film for MTV’s Web site. “ ‘Sicko,’ ” he allowed, “does a real service” in portraying victims of American insurance companies — like the people who died because their only treatment options were deemed “experimental” and therefore not covered.

But the film as a whole, he concluded, is “breathtakingly meretricious,” in large part because of its characterizations of other countries’ health care systems.

When “governments attempt to regulate the balance between a limited supply of health care and an unlimited demand for it, they’re inevitably forced to ration treatment,” Mr. Loder asserted. He ticked off a number of negative anecdotes and statistics to counter the positive ones offered by Mr. Moore. Mr. Loder cited the short film “Dead Meat,” which presents anecdotes of failure in the Canadian single-payer system. In its one-sidedness, “Dead Meat” (available online at onthefencefilms.com) might have made for a nice double feature with “Sicko,” and left moviegoers with a more complete understanding of the complications of deciding on a health care system.

Mr. Moore also decided to ignore or gloss over problems in other countries, like France’s high taxes and Britain’s cash-short hospitals.

This all makes an otherwise “emotionally compelling film not necessarily an intellectually gratifying one,” wrote Darren Barefoot, a Canadian blogger (darrenbarefoot.com).

Your Second Cup

Monday, July 2, 2007

Giuliani Visits New Orleans, Urges End To Illegal Immigration

In a Saturday visit to New Orleans, America's Mayor and Presidential hopeful Rudy Guiliani stressed the need to put an end to illegal immigration before addressing any other challenges surrounding the issues.

"We need to end illegal immigration," he said. "If we do, a lot of things can happen, in terms of how you resolve everything here. But if you don't end illegal immigration, almost nothing is possible, because no matter what you do, things are going to get worse."
The visit marks Guiliani's first visit to New Orleans as a candidate for President. The former mayor of New York was joined by US Senator David Vitter.
"I think all this has to do with competence and leadership and making things work, and I think Rudy has the best proven track record in that, by far, among presidential candidates," he said, Giuliani at his side.
Read full article.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Vitter A New Force To Be Reckoned With

This week, US Senator David Vitter has shown the rest of the country what we have known here in Louisiana for some time. Vitter has proven again that he is a skilled legislator who is fiercely loyal to his constituents and refuses to back down from any fight. Against the likes of John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and his own President, Vitter, and four other junior GOP members, took on a flawed immigration bill that was being stampeded through the upper chamber and wrestled that bull to the ground. Viva Vitter!

Further coverage:

  • Junior GOP Senators Defeat Old Guard (Washington Times) - Mr. DeMint, Mr. Vitter of Louisiana and Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, all of them in the class of 2004, spent hours camped on the Senate floor protecting their rights, objecting to Democratic requests and generally making life difficult for Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.
  • Immigration Debate Kindled New Kind Of Rancor (SF Gate) - "Eighty percent of the American people were against this bill," [Vitter] said. "For anybody to suggest that was about racism, I think itself is the height of ugliness and arrogance."
  • Senate Hands Bush Major Defeat On Immigration (Reuters) - "The next step is to immediately push the president to take up his word and enforce security at the border," said Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican who help lead the fight against the bill.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Throw Momma From The Train"

When asked how the mom should deal with tax cuts that exceed her threshold, Blanco said, "Mama says you better be careful or you're going to lose your project."

"She's not my mama, and she's not my constituent," said Rep. Jim Tucker, R-Algiers, who heads the Republican House delegation. "The people of this state deserve some of those dollars back. I believe if she doesn't come off this $180 million limit, she will be facing a veto override."

Fred Thompson: Man, Myth, Or Legend?

While McCain, Giuliani and Romney have been running for months, Fred Thompson, by all accounts, is ready to throw his hat into the Presidential race. Recent polls show the television star, lobbyist, and former Senator climbing and now in a solid second behind Giuliani.

But what do we really know about the Thompson record? Some conservatives, particularly the socially concerned, have eagerly embraced him. However, now some are questioning the actor's stance on a critical litmus test for conservatives, abortion. Here it is “Law and Order” style...

Fred's response?

We here at OrN are looking forward to the dream becoming a reality. Will the man live up to the myth? You decide.

Your Second Cup

  • House GOP Continues To Fight "Mommy Dearest" (The Advocate) - “I like all tax breaks, but we just have to come to a realistic understanding,” the governor said Wednesday morning.
  • We're Last, But Not For Long...Cockfighting Ban Passes (Times-Pic) - The long, controversial history of legal cockfighting will come to an end in Louisiana -- and the United States -- on Aug. 15, 2008, if Gov. Kathleen Blanco signs a bill sent to her by lawmakers Wednesday.
  • NEWSFLASH! Pelosi Still A Liberal (The Hill) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is working hard to make sure that the fiery liberal wing of the Democratic Party remembers that she is one of them. She is also going out of her way to reassure opponents of the war that she is on their side.
  • Immigration Measure Imperiled Again In US Senate (WaPost) - The Senate yesterday turned back a series of amendments from both parties aimed at substantially altering controversial immigration legislation, but the bill shed supporters as it became mired in procedural problems that left backers concerned about its prospects.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Republican Delegation Fights Fire With Fire (The Advocate) -
Parents who send their children to private and parochial schools would be able to deduct part of the tuition and fees they pay under a bill that cleared the House on Monday.

The income tax deduction was one of a number of tax breaks that Republicans pushed through at the start of the final week of the legislative session.

GOP lawmakers also advanced tax relief on gifts, college contributions and business utilities.
  • Reckless and Nude? (Times-Pic) - A nude driver hit a trooper at a traffic stop in East Baton Rouge Parish and tried to run over two more in Ascension Parish before they ended the early morning chase by shooting out a tire, state police said.
The law firms – and a dozen others nationwide – are getting ready for a predicted explosion of climate-related work tied to government regulation, lawsuits against energy companies and new markets that will trade the rights to emit carbon.

Some lawyers are trying to tie the damage from Hurricane Katrina to global warming – and the energy companies who may have contributed to that warming.
  • Paris Is Free! (AP) - The 26-year-old celebutante was greeted by an enormous gathering of cameras and reporters upon leaving the all-women's facility in Lynwood about 15 minutes past midnight. She had checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility late June 3, largely avoiding the spotlight, after a surprise appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Now, On To More Pressing Matters...

In a trial that has become proof positive of the need for civil justice reform, a judge ruled in favor of the defendants in the case of the $54 million missing pants.

A Washington, D.C., dry cleaning store that was sued for $54 million over an allegedly missing pair of pants will not have to pay anything to its disgruntled customer, a judge ruled Monday.

Instead, Roy Pearson, who sued over the missing trousers, may have to pay the store owners' legal fees.

Yes, the lunacy of this case is extreme. However, what is no laughing matter is that Louisiana is ranked 48th in judicial fairness by major employers, and jurisdictions like Orleans Parish have been listed as "Judicial Hellholes" by the American Tort Reform Association.

You Second Cup

  • Senate committee approves $1.9 billion for Road Home shortfall but continues to look gift horse in the mouth (The Advocate) - The committee — at the Blanco administration’s urging — committed $74.5 million in cash to build a new charity hospital in New Orleans.

    The federal government is critical of the state’s hospital plan, questioning the proposed size and cost. The dispute leaves the state with the choice of going back to the drawing board or possibly giving up $226 million in federal funds for the teaching and research hospital.

  • Edwin Will Not Attend Brother's Funeral (Times-Pic) - "It's not that they don't want to let him go," Marion Edwards said. "It's just such a complicated deal."

  • '08 Dem Contenders Roll Out Health Care Reforms, Hillary A Little Gun Shy (AP) - When it comes to health care reform, Hillary Rodham Clinton epitomizes the old adage, "once burned, twice shy."
  • Immigration Bill On Ninth Life (The Hill) - Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a key opponent to the bipartisan immigration bill that will be taken up again next week, said Sunday that support for the legislation “continues to erode.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Your Second Cup of Coffee

Enough said...

Legislative Alert!!!

Dear Friends,

Some legislators want to take control of the State Bond Commission by passing Senate Bill 14 (SB14). They are only doing it because I saved $100 million taxpayer dollars by opposing Commissioner Bob Odom’s Syrup Mill in Bunkie last year.

What does this mean to the average citizen, you ask? It means certain legislators will have more power to run up more state debt. That means higher taxes. Governor Blanco has said that SB 14 is a good bill and a good idea. That’s outrageous.

But taxpayers like yourself can fight back.

On this website, you have the power to find your legislator and immediately send an E-MAIL or FAX telling them to vote against Senate Bill 14. You can also call your legislator directly or leave a message for them at 225-342-6945.

I’m proud to serve as your Treasurer, and I’ll never forget that this is the taxpayers’ money…not the politicians’!

John KennedyState Treasurer

Friday, June 15, 2007

Republic of New Orleans? City Seeks Foreign Aid

Ray Nagin and His Merry Band of Imbeciles are at it again. According to the AP, the Mayor and his administration are "in negotiations" with at least five unnamed foreign governments to make up for a shortfall because "bureaucracy is choking the flow of much-needed federal aid dollars to New Orleans."

Looking over obvious Constitutional questions, is Ray Nagin really the best we have to negotiate with a foreign government?

Buried in the story was this gem from Landrieu flak, Adam Sharp. Apparently, Louisiana 's senior Senator is "working with the government of Saudi Arabia on ways it can help restore New Orleans' City Park." Saudi Arabia, really? You can't make this stuff up.

Uncompassionate Conservatives

Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard has posted an article on House Republicans efforts to reclaim the mantle of fiscal conservatism and the lengths they are will to go to get there. They have a group of 147 GOP Congressmen that are willing to stand against any attempt to override a Bush veto of Democrat appropriations bills.

...they are willing to be pilloried by Democrats as pitiless, cruel, unfeeling, callous, uncaring, coldhearted, and Scrooge-like to get it. That's how important it is to Republicans to be seen again as politicians who can be counted on to restrain or, better yet, slash government spending, even in the case of popular programs.

It's too early to know if the GOP has finally found its voice, but Congress looks like it's headed for a showdown over the budget later this summer. Whatever the end result may be, it is nice to see signs of life from conservatives in our nation's Capital.

Your Second Cup Of Coffee

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Ray “Willy Wonka” Nagin, in yet another stroke of genius, has declared that he wants even more on his plate regarding the recovery of New Orleans. Land previously maintained by the now defunct Orleans Levee Board is up for grabs, and Mayor Wonka would like to see the city take control of the property which includes Lakefront Airport, a number of marinas, and other valuable waterfront land.

Some might question the wisdom of adding responsibility to an administration that faces such financial, organizational, and intellectual challenges. Not to worry says Kenya Smith, Nagin's executive assistant for intergovernmental affairs. The staffer responded to the criticism saying, “the city manages a number of assets very well," citing Louis Armstrong International Airport as an example.

I don't know about you, but we feel better already. For a longer list of "well-managed" assets, we suggest you contact CITY HALL CI HAL .

The Hoff John Georges For Governor

Ok, ok. We here at OrN know that John Georges for Governor can't be taken seriously, but this stuff is seriously funny. Please do not scroll down if nudity or the '80s offends you...we cannot be held responsible.

This seems like a good time to launch the inaugural OrN Caption Contest. E-mail your suggested caption to theivhorsemen@gmail.com. We will post the top five later this afternoon.

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The Legislature Is Hitting The Home Stretch:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What We Missed, What To Watch For

UPDATE: House GOP Holds The Line, Dems Defeat Stelly Repeal

At a news conference this afternoon, Republican legislators again pledged to defend the Constitutionally protected state spending cap. Read story.

"We are not going to be able to come to a compromise on the House side on the budget," said Rep. Jim Tucker, R-Terrytown, chairman of the House Republican Caucus.

In votes shortly after, Democrats defeated Republican efforts to repeal all or parts of the Stelly Plan on party-line votes.

We are not surprised, but constantly appalled, at the audacity of Kathleen and her Democrat cronies. These yahoos are hell-bent on running what's left of this state into the ground.

Hillary Phones Home, Gets Speilberg Endorsement

It looks like Obama might not have Tinseltown wrapped up just yet. Following Jenna Jameson's lead, Hollywood hit-maker Steven Spielberg has thrown his hat into Hillary Clinton's corner.

In a statement released this morning by the Clinton campaign, Spielberg said that after familiarizing himself "with the impressive field of Democratic candidates," he had decided that the New York senator and former First Lady "is the most qualified candidate to lead us from her first day in the White House."

A little special effects help couldn't hurt. If you know what we're talking about, and we think you do...

Rudy Joins Moses...Adds Two Commandments

On Monday, the Rudy Guiliani campaign released his Twelve Commitments To America, "a bold vision aimed at moving America forward through change and reform, overcoming new challenges and increasing accountability in Washington."

Most notable,

8. I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.
9. I will reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.
Does this signal a move to the right for America's Mayor? Is it just rhetorical spin to answer attacks from social conservatives? Or is it just Rudy being Rudy?

The Twelve Commitments:

1. I will keep America on offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us.
2. I will end illegal immigration, secure our borders, and identify every non-citizen in our nation.
3. I will restore fiscal discipline and cut wasteful Washington spending.
4. I will cut taxes and reform the tax code.
5. I will impose accountability on Washington.
6. I will lead America towards energy independence.
7. I will give Americans more control over, and access to, healthcare with affordable and portable free-market solutions.
8. I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.
9. I will reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.
10. I will ensure that every community in America is prepared for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
11. I will provide access to a quality education to every child in America by giving real school choice to parents.
12. I will expand America’s involvement in the global economy and strengthen our reputation around the world.

The Man Behind The Man Behind The Man

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. --The Who

Vietnam hero, US Senator, and possible crazy, John McCain has bet his White House hopes on those who ran the Straight Talk Express off its tracks in 2000. The Washington Post has an interesting read on these guys and the launch of "McCain 2.0."

Russ Schriefer spent the first few weeks of 2000 driving around New Hampshire with a digital camera and a singular mission: finding a way to discredit John McCain with voters in the state's upcoming primary.

The soft-spoken Schriefer now heads the media team for McCain, the man he helped Bush defeat seven years ago.

Schriefer jokes that their current candidate is new and improved. "We call him McCain 2.0," he says. "We've gotten some of the bugs out."

Maybe Louisiana Political Dinosaur and McCain 2000 "War Room Czar", Roy Fletcher, was one of the bugs that was fixed. Apparently, You Tube has replaced the Pterodactyl Player. Sorry, Roy.

Louisiana Politics Year Around

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