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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blanco's New Math - Where Spending Is The New Restraint

As our state is faced with a record budget surplus, Republican lawmakers are looking to give some of that money back to the people who worked so hard to earn it. The so-called "revenue neutral" Stelly Plan (in reality, $1 billion in new taxes) has not only hit Louisiana taxpayers where it hurts, but apparently Louisiana charities are hurting as well (read story).

"The Stelly Plan is operating as it was designed to do. While I recognize the political ease in granting tax cuts, I would urge fiscal restraint and a thoughtful review of this entire matter."

Say what? In what alternate universe does inflating revenue estimates, breaking the spending cap, and proposing $2.1 billion in new spending, add up to fiscal restraint? Maybe this is part of her case for increasing spending on education.

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