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Friday, June 15, 2007

Uncompassionate Conservatives

Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard has posted an article on House Republicans efforts to reclaim the mantle of fiscal conservatism and the lengths they are will to go to get there. They have a group of 147 GOP Congressmen that are willing to stand against any attempt to override a Bush veto of Democrat appropriations bills.

...they are willing to be pilloried by Democrats as pitiless, cruel, unfeeling, callous, uncaring, coldhearted, and Scrooge-like to get it. That's how important it is to Republicans to be seen again as politicians who can be counted on to restrain or, better yet, slash government spending, even in the case of popular programs.

It's too early to know if the GOP has finally found its voice, but Congress looks like it's headed for a showdown over the budget later this summer. Whatever the end result may be, it is nice to see signs of life from conservatives in our nation's Capital.

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