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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cohen On Thompson: "He Just Plays A Straight Shooter"

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has published an interesting read on the Presidential candidacies of Fred Thompson and John Edwards. He criticizes both for their willingness to, at best, sidestep the truth or, at worst, outright lie. He takes Thompson to task for lying (through a spokesperson) about his employment as a lobbyist for a family-planning organization and Edwards for his selective memory concerning his high dollar haircuts.

Edwards and Thompson have something in common: They both are all image. Neither has accomplished very much in public life. They are both ex-senators whose names are attached to no famous pieces of legislation. They have built no constituencies on the basis of their legislative records, and so they apparently feel they cannot afford to admit an inconsistency -- pro-choice lobbying by a proclaimed pro-lifer, or Euro-trashy indulgence by the proclaimed avatar of the poor.
The idea of Fred Dalton Thompson is far from the reality that seems to exist. As the launch of a Thompson candidacy seems imminent, the scrutiny will only increase. Will the record and character of this actor stand the spotlight, or is Thompson just not ready for prime-time?

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