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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Bobby Jindal "Officially" Launches His Campaign For Governor (Times-Pic) - Surrounded by more than 100 cheering supporters at the first leg of a seven-city publicity tour, Jindal criticized the Legislature for failing to pass several ethics-related bills during its recently concluded two-month session.
  • Katrina Doc Sues State (The Advocate) - Dr. Anna Pou filed the lawsuit Monday in state District Court in Baton Rouge in an attempt to get a judge to force the state to pay for her legal representation against medical malpractice claims. Pou says the decision to not provide her with legal representation in the civil cases was made by the office of state Attorney General Charles Foti. That decision, Pou’s lawsuit says, has been compromised by Foti’s “vested interest in the indictment of Dr. Pou to salvage his credibility as a public official, especially in view of the Louisiana Attorney General election to be held in the next three months.”
  • Another Nail In The Coffin (The Hill) - McCain’s national press staff, consisting primarily of Brian Jones, Matt David and Danny Diaz, are all leaving the campaign today. And one aide said that McCain’s Iowa press person, Tim Miller, will also resign.

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