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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Odom Gets OK on Expo Proposal (The Advocate) - In yet another attempt to waste taxpayer dollars on a local boondoggle, embattled Ag Commissioner Bob Odom is looking to purchase the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Ascension Parish. A few of our favorite quotes:
It has never turned a profit, nor do the facility’s owners, the Lamar-Dixon Expo Foundation, expect the recreational area to make money, said Lori Brannon of Baton Rouge, a consultant with the foundation.

“Government is in the business of providing services not turning profits,” Hughes said.

“It’s a hell of a deal,” Odom said.
Oh yeah, this is only going to cost the taxpayers of Louisiana a paltry $8 million.
  • Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Pou, Foti Angry, Defiant (Times-Pic) - Closing one of the most sensational chapters in post-Katrina New Orleans, Dr. Anna Pou said Tuesday that she fell to her knees and thanked God when she learned that a grand jury had refused to charge her with murdering patients in dark, fetid Memorial Medical Center in the nightmarish days after the hurricane struck on Aug. 29, 2005.
  • Veto Session? Don't Count On It (Times-Pic) - Senate President Donald Hines, D-Bunkie, and House Speaker Joe Salter, D-Florien, said Tuesday they will be asking colleagues to vote against holding a legislative session to consider overriding Gov. Kathleen Blanco's veto of 14 bills and 10 items in the state's $30 billion operating budget. Both legislative leaders pointed out that many lawmakers will be out of town attending the annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures, to be held this year in Boston Aug. 5-9, roughly the same week as the veto session.
  • Choest Buys 25% Stake in NBA's Hornets (Business Week) - "I need somebody that has roots here, that has a business here, that has connections here, that's going to fight for it the same way I do, that's going to help me sell tickets," Shinn said of his new minority partner. "He's got a skin in the game now. He's going to do it. That's what we need to make this thing work. It's not just money." The deal is worth approximately $62 million.

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