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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LA Times/Bloomberg Poll: Giuliani and Thompson Separate From Field

This pretty much sums it up...

Overall, the survey underscored the unsettled nature of the Republican contest, with voters splitting roughly along ideological lines.

Giuliani, whose views on abortion, gay rights and guns are to the left of many in his party, has built a wide base among moderates and independents, while Thompson has drawn conservatives, particularly among the religious right.

That dynamic, however, could change quickly. Giuliani has faced a swarm of media scrutiny of his weak spots for months, but retains a lead in national polls, although it is somewhat diminished.

Thompson, by contrast, is only starting to introduce himself. He has never endured the rigors of a high-profile campaign and has not parried with rivals in debates, as Giuliani and nine other Republicans have done three times this spring.

Thompson "has this allure, but he hasn't been tested yet," said Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus, who conducted the survey. "He has gotten a free ride so far."

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