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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Action Alert! Help Republican Legislators Stop The Blanco Spending Spree

Louisiana needs you! Pressure continues to mount against your Republican delegation and their efforts to hold the line on Governor Blanco's plan to break the bank and mortgage the future of our state. The fight over HB 3 is a critical crossroads for this state. Let your voice be heard.

In a letter to the GOP delegation, the Republican plan would allow for priority pay increases for teachers and law enforcement, make prudent one-time investments in the future of our state, and provide tax relief for the businesses and families of Louisiana, while operating within a fiscally responsible manner for our present and future.

Blanco and her bullies in the legislature are looking add to 1,000 new jobs to an already bloated state government, give pay increases to state jobs that aren't even filled, and virtually guarantees tax increases in the next four years.

In recent polling, 60% of Louisianans oppose spending most or all of the $3.2 billion dollar budget surplus on expenses that will have to be paid every year. The Republican plan holds recurring expenses to $850 million - Blanco is calling for $1.2 billion (and growing) in bills to be paid every year.

Take action:

  • Call your state legislator (House (225) 342-6945, Senate (225) 342-2040), tell them to support the responsible Republican plan.
  • Call talk radio in your area (Moon Griffon, (318) 388-2323)
  • Write a letter to the editor at your local paper, tell others about the importance of this legislation on the future of our state.
"I simply could not hold my tongue on this any longer. Someone has to speak out; someone has to speak up for the taxpayers, for responsible government, and for fiscal sanity."
-Congressman Bobby Jindal

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