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Monday, June 11, 2007

Pat "The Puddy Tat" Bergeron

We've got to give it to "Spider." The other Democrat for Ag Commissioner knows how to catch flies for its web campaign. Notorious Louisiana political sleaze merchant, Pat Bergeron, has been hired to use his Louisiana Political "News" Service and LA Newslink to trash, by any means necessary, Carter's opponents.

What Bergeron lacks in talent, he does not make up for with integrity. In the past, Pat has provided hatchet services for Democrat Sen. Cleo Fields, BR Next, The Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association, Republican Peggy Wilson's 2006 Mayoral campaign, and last year's strong third place campaign of Mike Francis for Secretary of State. Will this guy give it up to anybody for a buck?

A recent overview of Carter’s expense report show that buying the online “courthouse crowd” is a large part of this recent Democrat’s strategy. Surprising, only because we didn’t know it took $2000 to buy off Pat “How Do You Want Your Coffee, Mr. Fields?” Bergeron. It's no secret that he will take a knee (or two) for a lot less.

My grandmother always told me “If you don’t have anything good to say about somebody, come sit next to me.” Apparently, Wayne "Spider" Carter believes that if people don’t have anything good to say about you, just pay them.

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