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Friday, July 13, 2007

John Hill: An Exercise in Irresponsible Journalism

Case Study 1: Over the 'Hill'

It seems that John Hill's career as a reporter has ended and now he is trying his hand at screenplays. He has a flare for the flamboyant, and a preference for fiction over facts. In an article he wrote to smear US Senator David Vitter and create the appearance of GOP division, John "Capote" Hill chose a wild cast of characters to source.

When Hill wrote, "Some top Republicans are discussing whether to ask U.S. Sen. David Vitter to resign and packaging a deal with Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco to appoint a place-holding Republican to take his place," he cited former Governor Dave Treen, Vincent Bruno, Christopher Tidmore, and Mike Bayham as "top Republicans". You have to forgive Mr. Hill if his GOP rolodex is a little thin, he does spend most of his time in Kathleen's lap...

Let's look at these characters:
Dave Treen - Former Governor, but left elected office for the last time in 1983...24 years ago! He was defeated by Vitter for Congress in a bitter contest in 1999 and left with thousands in debt. His brother is a whole other story...

Vincent Bruno - Served time in the federal pen for a scheme to bribe a judge. Mr. Bruno admitted to payroll fraud as an employee of the Orleans Levee Board and he was fired from the NOPD for violating office policy. Seriously, how bad do you have to be to be fired from the NOPD?

Christopher Tidmore - Quasi-journalist that first broke a rumor that is still yet unfounded. Between his "newspaper" and "radio" program, his audience amounts to seven (he, his mother, and the voices inside his head). The only thing more irresponsible than his reporting is his wardrobe.

Mike Bayham - Where do you start with Mr. Bayham? At nearly 40 years old, Mikey still hasn't outgrown the College Republicans. Mike's idea of a hot Saturday night is dreaming up party resolutions over a nice cup of Treen Kool Aid.

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