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Friday, July 20, 2007

Poser of the Week, Part Deux

While normally we would name only one Poser of the Week, it just so happens that Brendan McCarthy of the Times-Picayune had a sidekick while writing his excuse for an article in last Friday’s paper. So, just as Batman had Robin and Tom Cruise had Rain Man, we present Kate Moran of the Times-Picayune as our other Poser of the Week. Kate also deserves a share of the title because she, along with most of her peers in the industry, poses as an unbiased journalist.

Kate hails from Short Hills, NJ. For those of you not familiar with Short Hills, it’s a swanky New York City suburb with a cool $200,000 a year average household income. Be that as it may, this trust-fund baby, like a typical journalist, would like you to believe she doesn’t have any political viewpoints and writes as a straight-shooter. To prove that, Kate has proclaimed to the world that she is a friend of Hillary Clinton and that she doesn’t believe in God. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with loving Hillary more than God, other than the fact that she’s probably going to Hell, it’s hardly surprising she would co-author an attack piece on a Republican Senator who has a strong faith, taking the word of two hookers with contradicting stories over U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and defense attorney Vinnie Mosca, both of whom have said David Vitter never visited the Canal Street Brothel. Two pieces of advice, Kate:

1. When the prosecution and the defense in a case agree on something, it’s probably true.
2. Don’t put your political views out on the internet if you want people to believe you have no agenda.

So Kate, why don’t you take I-95 back up to Jersey and if you really care about this state, quit your job and have daddy write a check to charity. Don’t forget ya toll-tag for da Turnpike.

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