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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your Second Cup

  • Nobody Is Dumping Vitter (Gannett) - John Hill has dropped his best Vitter-bash effort this morning. Seriously , your best sources are two bitter, washed up old men (the Treens) and a never-has-been quasi-journalist (Tidmore)? I always expect less from John Hill.
  • Attorney For NOLA Madam Denies Vitter Involvement (The Advocate) - “David Vitter’s name was never picked up on a government wiretap nor is it listed in any transcript or court document as part of the Canal Street brothel case,” Mosca said Wednesday.
  • Legal Trouble Unlikely For Vitter (Times-Pic) - Sen. David Vitter, R-La., isn't likely to face any criminal liability over allegations by the operator of a former Canal Street brothel that he was a customer, or his own apology for his connection to an alleged Washington, D.C., prostitution ring.

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